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The episode where True Sight is canceled?!?!?!

Episode Summary

Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code WESAYTHINGS at https://MANSCAPED.com #ad #manscapedpod https://jobs.sap.com/ Be sure to comment with '#SAPEsports' and your answer to be counted towards the next episode Ability Arena 1.5 Patch Dev Blog: https://news.abilityarena.com/1-5/ Timestamps: 00:00 Start 04:48 TI Invites 08:51 Voice Line/Sticker Drama 20:14 No True Sight? 34:58 SAP Segment 44:17 Ability Arena 1.5 55:52 What would it take for TI to be in NZ 1:02:00 What triggers you the most with gamers these days?