We Say Things - an esports and Dota podcast with SUNSfan & syndereN

The episode where 2-time TI winners reunite

Episode Summary

https://jobs.sap.com/ Be sure to comment with '#SAPEsports' and your answer to be counted towards the next episode Timestamps: 00:00 Start 04:14 SUNSfan's present 06:05 CSGO 09:29 Arlington Major Results 25:17 Fnatic/Outsiders DPC point drama 33:00 Dota 2 Tooltips Extension misinformation 39:43 Patch 7.32 43:56 TI Tickets sold to scalpers 49:41 SAP Segment 59:58 T1 add Ana and Topson 1:04:11 ESL One Malaysia 1:11:22 Dragon's Blood S3